Nawall is a new investment method that can increase rental income and market profits through a service that digitizes expensive real estate owned by the company into a metaverse-type NFT and distributes actual rental income to NFT owners.

Nawall's Metaverse-type NFT is issued by dividing an item into several NFTs, allowing you to easily and conveniently own the item for a small amount.

Rental income equal to the amount of property you own is deposited every month. If the value of the property rises, you may be able to enjoy a profit from the sale.

NC is cash used in Nawall and is used to purchase properties.

1NC has a cash value of 1 million won, NC is automatically calculated and paid based on the investment recharge amount.

Nawall Land's properties are reflected in the actual selling prices of properties in the real world that are matched 1:1.

Additionally, each piece is worth 1 million won.

Rental income is the income remaining after deducting various expenses such as commissions and management fees from income such as rent generated while operating real estate.

The monthly rent of Nawalland properties reflects the actual monthly rent of properties in the real world that are matched 1:1.

The ratio is applied based on the amount of NC I invested in the total monthly rent.

Nawall accepts investments through the following procedures.

1. Recharge NC for investment.

2. With the NC you receive, invest the desired amount into the pieces of the item you want.

3. Once NFT ownership is transferred, I am also a lessor from that day!

4. Afterwards, monthly rental income is generated on the 1st of each month according to the amount of NC invested.

4. The generated monthly rental income is paid by requesting withdrawal in cash or GANA token.

First, NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and is said to be a non-fungible token.

This is recorded on the blockchain and is absolutely immutable, and the items registered on Nawalland are the only ones that exist in the virtual world. This means that it is a property for sale, and Nawalland uses NFT as proof of investment in the property.

Because Nawoland's NFT is not created one per building, but is made in pieces according to the selling price of the matched property in reality, Through this, you can purchase a piece of property for sale with NC charged to the desired amount and use it to prove the purchase of the property.

This does not involve purchasing this NFT itself, but rather transferring the proof of purchase of this NFT. You will be paid monthly rent equal to the amount.

On My Page, you can find out more about who your NFT ownership has actually been transferred to by scanning within the actual blockchain.

The invested amount is locked for one year and cannot be withdrawn. However, NC, which is paid at the same time as depositing the investment amount, is converted into GENA coins listed on the coin exchange. By converting, you can get your cash back. Conversion to GENA coins is possible on My Page, and exchanging GENA coins for cash can be done through the klip coin wallet. Please refer to the instructions.

The investment products presented by Nawall Service are real estate assets that are carefully selected by professional real estate asset managers and purchased and managed by the company (Nawall). Therefore, when an asset management company selects a product, it already researches profitability and stability in advance and comprehensively judges future cash flow and market profit upon future sale to determine the optimal product.

Nawall uses Kakao's Klaytn chain, and the blockchain within the platform is largely used in two ways.

1. Proof of asset ownership (NFT issuance) and transaction without forgery or alteration through distributed ledger records

2. Transaction of Gaena (FT token) using smart contract