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Room 703, Middle Forest

No. 58, Nawalland Forest Road

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Stability of Middle Forest

Tax accountant certification

Lawyer Certification

Certified real estate agent

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This is a small officetel located in the central area of ​​Nawoland

The surrounding commercial district itself is an area with significant changes in sales volume and number of stores, and is also an area with a high concentration of small and medium-sized businesses.

To put it another way, it can be seen as an area densely populated with office workers.

It is an area where consumption patterns are maintained at a fairly high level, and the commercial district itself is complete.

Middle Forest is also a major transportation hub in all directions, making it quite easy to travel to other areas, and access to the highway is measured at 5 minutes.


There are shopping malls of various industries from the 1st to 3rd floors, and parking facilities are provided up to the 7th underground floor, so it is a place where residents do not have parking problems at all.

The supply area is also about 1,500 pyeong, which is an unusual case even for small officetels. It is a small officetel with 13 different room types and fun elements, and each type has an interesting story.

While there are many buyers, there are very few sellers, so it is considered a rare item. Sometimes, you can see a handwritten letter in your mailbox saying, “I am buying Type L.”


All commercial areas are complete. The shopping malls within the complex include a supermarket, bank, beauty salon, and nail art shop. When you go outside, there are cafes, fast food restaurants, cafés, gas stations, and police stations within a 5-minute walk.

You can think of all the shopping malls that are statistically popular among single-person households as being crowded together.


The investment amount in this property is determined directly by the investor, and investment profits are paid in cash. Afterwards, if you want to sell the ownership of the property and receive the sales amount,

The amount will be returned in GENA. For further details, please check the user guide at the top menu.

Drawing of property for sale

Rental $ 7,560

Buy 20 out of 151200 total NFTs

NFT issued as proof of ownership of this item