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Room 1307, Daubigny Garden

No. 1307, 13th floor, Daubigny Garden, 100 Nawoland Garden-gil

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It is located on Garden Road, the most central area in Nawo Land, and all kinds of commercial districts are concentrated

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It is a place with a very large floating population. Daubigny Garden is one of the tallest buildings on Garden Road, and has a rich residential environment, making it a great place to stay even within the wide Nawoland.

This is one of the most sought-after residences.


Dovini Garden is the tallest building in Metaverse Nawoland, and although many households live on each floor, there is no noise or fighting between floors due to the nature of the Metiverse.

In addition, although Daubigny Garden is a building with a relatively long tradition in Nawoland, it is a popular building due to its convenience and large square footage.


Daubigny Garden is attractive because it has a shopping mall within the building itself, so you don't have to go out to shop. The passage leading directly to NW Department Store and the station is also unique.

Within the complex, there is a space where you can enjoy VR and games, as well as a movie theater that only residents can use, and there are educational facilities such as elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools around Daubigny Garden.

The investment amount in this property is determined directly by the investor, and investment profits are paid in cash. Afterwards, if you want to sell the ownership of the property and receive the sales amount,

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The amount will be returned in GENA. For further details, please check the user guide at the top menu.

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Rental $ 20,790

Buy 460 out of 415800 total NFTs

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