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Room 1418, Riverside

No. 1418, 14th floor, Riverside, 2 River Park Road, Nawo Land

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This is a newly built officetel targeting single-person households. It is difficult to find newly built officetels in Nawoland. This is because it is not yet 30 years old and is not suitable for redevelopment and reconstruction.

As such, new construction became an issue in all aspects, and competition was enormous. The subscription rate at the time of sale was about 1:45. The high-rise building turned out quite well as expected, and is also called a landmark for single-person households in Nawalland.


Officetels, which are located on high rises in one building, are divided into three types, and all three types are characterized by a large amount of storage space.

Everything from ceiling-mounted air conditioners to dishwashers and microwaves are built-in, so tenants can save a lot of initial costs.

It is quite close to the subway station, so it is quite easy to travel to other areas.

And there are twice as many CCTVs on each floor and outside than other officetels, making it a very popular real estate for female investors.


The best thing is the subway station. You can reach the subway station by just walking 3 minutes without crossing.

There is a department store right next door that invites consumption, and since it is also a 5-minute walk away, it is also suitable for improving the quality of life.

It is also a good date course as there are many food options nearby and Maeda Market, the most famous traditional market in Nawoland.


The investment amount in this property is determined directly by the investor, and investment profits are paid in cash. Afterwards, if you want to sell the ownership of the property and receive the sales amount,

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The amount will be returned in GENA. For further details, please check the user guide at the top menu.

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Rental $ 5,300

Buy 60 out of 106000 total NFTs

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